In January 2016 CCFS applied successfully to the People’s Postcode Lottery for a £5,000 grant to help those Guests leaving the Shelter by providing a Basic Starter Pack. We had thoughts of providing the same basic items for all but soon realised that the needs of Guests were different as some went into hostels where food was provided whereas other went into flats where nothing was provided.

We decided on an average spend of £100 per Guest which would enable us to help approximately 50 Guests. With less than 2 months until the Shelter closed in March 2016 we spent just £587 in that season and had visions of having to return much of the grant to the Trust. However, we asked for extensions and now have until June 2018 to use the funds. We spent a further £2,242 in 2016/17 leaving £2,171 still to spend.

We generally ask the agencies who refer our Guests to obtain a list of essential goods from the Guests which we then purchase for them. To date   we have helped 33 former guests with Basic Starter Packs to ease their move from the Shelter into accommodation.     

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